VRP Costs for a single route problem

Discussion created by Ihab.ElAttar@york.ca_york on Jan 21, 2020
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Hello Everyone,

I am using the VRP solver on ArcGIS Online to help a courier optimize its deliveries. I am currently setting the  time_window_factor to low so that the solver  places more importance on minimizing drive times and less on arriving at stops on time. I had a question regarding the CostPerUnitDistance and CostPerUnitTime route attributes. Would setting those values influence the results when solving the problem for a single driver\route or they only influence the results when you have multiple routes ?

If i set the CostPerUnitDistance to a value higher than the CostPerUnitTime, when solving for  a single driver, will the VRP solver lean more towards  increasing wait times at stops to minimize the costs of travelling longer distances  ?