Network Analyst / While-loop

Discussion created by zy_or on Mar 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2011 by stacyrendall

I???m a ****** beginner, and I???m struggling with the following:

I want to start a while-loop under the condition that a previously calculated route distance (NA) surpasses a certain value.
I have already executed the different tools from the Network Analyst (MakeRouteLayer, AddLocations, and Solve), and received the Memory Feature Class ???Routes??? in my Route-Layer.
In its Attribute Table I can see a column, ???Total_Kilometers???, which carries the desired distance value.

How can I use this value to get the loop running? I.e., the calculated distance is above 50 km, so I want to enter the loop.

(Googling for the problem how to get values from a cell in a raster table, I was a bit unlucky and only got hits explaining how to get cell values from raster cells)

Thanks in advance.. and I guess I'll be back with more related problems soon :o