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getting Z-information from a raster dataset / mosaic to points

Question asked by thomas_u on Jan 21, 2020
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before telling my problem/question here are some information. I am working with ArcGis Pro.

- I transformed many raster datasets into a mosaic (one single raster dataset). The raster includes z information.

- I have a railway track with points every meter along the track.


Now I want to add Z information for these points of my railway track. Every Raster/mosaic point accross the map is about 25 meter apart the other.

The Problem is, when i add the z information to the railway track points, only the points which are very near to the points of the raster are getting the z-information.

How can I get the z-information from the raster to my points of the track? Is there a option to interpolate the altitude inside the raster? Or any other possibility to add a z-value?

I also tried to create a TIN but this doesn't work.


(I will put a picture in the attachement, for a better understanding of my problem)



Thanks a lot for helping me solving this problem.