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which to use, ArcGIS Pipeline Referncing ext. or Utility Network ext.?

Question asked by tarabztk on Jan 20, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2020 by rkrisher

Hi All,

To build hydrocarbon transmission pipelines network and then enrich that with different routes which represent different features and events like the inspection anomalies, scrapable segments, etc.  I came across the APR extension. It seems to be the needed tool along with Data Review ext. to construct this network. However, I also came across the UN tool. 

1- What is the difference between this extension and APR extension?

2- In order to build a hydrocarbon transmission pipelines network, would the UN tool be the preferred one or I should use APR?


3- I'm planning to use UPDM 2019 and migrate all current GIS features and attribute to this model; then modify according to our need. This is because our current Pipeline GIS system is developed based on Ad-hoc database structure. However, I went through several discussions which waring from the effect of breaking UPDM database model integrity once is modified. Based on that, is it a good choice to use this module? and does it accommodate on-line data transmitted from the filed like sensors signals that pushed to the database either on time intervals or per occurred events (e.g. leak alarm) which will be part of the events routes? 


Appreciate all feedbacks. Thanks.