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Geoprocessing Tool Publishes with no Task

Question asked by dvthompson_EASi on Jan 17, 2020

Hello all,


I am trying to publish a tool I created in ModelBuilder. I've run it successfully in ArcPro, the Analyze section under the Sharing Pane gives me no warnings or errors, and I get a job status update saying I have successfully published. However, when I try opening the tool in Map Viewer, the dropdown is completely blank.


When I go to the REST services page and click on my tool, it shows that I have no tasks associated with it. Can anyone help as to why my model is publishing with no associated tasks? This is the second tool I've published (and from the same project), but the first had no problem with this.


Tools Model Uses: Select Layer by Attribute, Append, Calculate Field, Summary Statistics, Join/Remove Join, and Delete Rows. One Parameter for the selection. 


Thanks for any help.