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In-Survey map does not zoom to location after using search bar.

Question asked by larry.gaudieri.hc on Jan 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2020 by sjeng-esristaff

Survey was created in Connect. The resulting survey will be used from a web-browser and be available to the public through our government website.


Trying to write help docs that assist a citizen to search for a street using the in-survey web map. The problem is that even thought the locator finds the entered street, when a user clicks on the suggested result, the map does not zoom.


Also, it appears that when the 'Home' button is pressed, the map view extents go to world. In the Connect app, I thought that I had set this correctly. I'd be happy if when someone searched a street that the map would zoom somewhere near it. Anyone have this issue? 


I tried in earnest to search for a similar issue but couldn't find any for this particular problem. Thanks!