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Roads and Highways ALRS Redline Properties

Question asked by riant1 on Jan 16, 2020
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   I have been following the Esri LRS Data Model documention for 10.7 but when I create the ALRS in an offline gdb, the Redline feature class M and Z values are created unchecked.  The documentation says that the Redline must be Z enabled and cannot be M enabled; however, I cannot change these properties because the option is grayed out. 

LRS data model—Roads and Highways Desktop | ArcGIS Desktop 

   What is confusing me further is that the documentation for Deploying Redline Routes for 10.7 (Deploying redline routes—Event Editor for Roads and Highways | ArcGIS Enterprise) states that the M and Z values must be disabled. We currently use Event Editor but haven't really started to utilize Redlining.


I'm not sure if these two pieces of documentation are speaking about doing the same thing or are different.


Should I simply delete the created Redline feature class and create it manually? If so, how should I set the Index properties? Below is a screen shot of what was automatically generated when I created the ALRS:


Below is a screenshot of the Redline Z and M value and Indexes settings in our current production database:

(Notice both Z and M values are enabled)