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How to generate named users for contractor field crews?

Question asked by Paul.Giglio_cor on Jan 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2020 by gareth_finney

We have developed a collector app that will be utilized by internal employees and our contractors.
There will be up to 50 contractor crews that will be utilizing the app to input information.
For tracking purposes, mainly identifying who is collecting, we would like to set each contractor’s crew up as a named user.
For example, Field.Crew01_city, Field.Crew02_city, etc.…
This would require our contractors to provide unique email accounts, each assigned to an individual, to accomplish this.
For example, the contractors can set up emails for,, etc.…
The intent is that the contractor would not share these user ids, but one individual would manage each ESRI and email account. That individual could be reassigned by our contractor as required.
Would this be acceptable practice / allowable under the master agreement?
Looking at some of the global users, I do see some user ids with “teams” and “crews”, numbered as well.