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Rematch Addresses in Pro

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Jan 15, 2020

arcgis Pro 2.4.3


I have geocoded a table of addresses with a multirole locator.  A couple of addresses didn't match so I manually rematched them and something isn't quite right. Two of the addresses are 12800 SOUTH HIGHWAY 111, which is not correct. (See illustration 1)


Everybody knows at that house number the real name of the the highway is S BACCHUS HWY, but when I  change the address, I don't get any suggestions.  (See illustration 2.)


But... when I use the Locate Pan, I get a good match.  See illustration 3.  There are a number of addresses that matched at 12082 S BACCHUS no problem, when the table was geocoded, and the street data is properly ranged.  I'm not sure what I might be doing wrong.


illustration 1: bad address...


illustration 2: no suggestions


illustration 3: but wait! it's a valid address!