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Slow rendering of polygon layer - UK OS MasterMap

Question asked by amarsden on Jan 15, 2020

OK - maybe one mainly for UK users.

I have tried to use the lyr files OS have provided here GitHub - OrdnanceSurvey/OSMM-Topography-Layer-stylesheets: SQL scripts & cartographic stylesheets for OS MasterMap Topog… 


Rendering a map of just the Topo Areas at 1:2500 takes over 10 seconds - and this is a a category break based on a single field - the numeric Style type.


If I replace the OS styles with a colour ramp, it is still slow.


If I apply single style, then re-apply the ArcMap random colours  on the style_code it is again, fast.


If I then import the OS style into this fast layer - it is slow again!  And stays slow if I apply a colour ramp.


However, if I do a ArcMap assigned random colors to the text field, style description, the map is drawn almost instantly

Indexing the fields doesn't seem to make any difference


If I apply the STYLES from the style type field to the Style Description, again it slows down.


The styles aren't complex, the most complex are a few graphics on a simple fill


Any UK users had similar and managed to get  layer file that draws as quick as ArcMap assigned random colours?