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Bug with "Download Map" tool in Pro?

Question asked by ZConlen@bellevuewa.gov_cobgis on Jan 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2020 by ZConlen@bellevuewa.gov_cobgis

Hi. I'm running version 2.4.3. I'm attempting to create an mmpk for use in Explorer for arcgis. Wishing to use one of the esri basemaps, I have the streets vector basemap in the project, and I'm using the 'Download Map' tool to download a small portion for my area of interest as a map tile package - documented here. I'm running into 2 issues:

  1. This appears to be extremely slow. It takes 20-30 minutes or so for the progress bar to appear complete. Note that as a test, I have an aoi of a couple city blocks only. Also, I'm not generating the most large scale level.
  2. It never completes. The status bar indicates that it has finished (after 30 min) but the process seems to hang and eventually I have to kill pro.


Also interested in other workflows that would accomplish this, if there are other ways.