Arcmap 10.7 and RFID Reads.

Discussion created by joey22ferguson on Jan 13, 2020
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I am trying to learn if there is a tool that could be used to auto-populate an attribute table field based off of location and readings. The master attribute table is garbage totes. Within that table is customer info, latitude, longitude, etc. What I am looking to fill is the RFID Reads column. To fill that column, I have a list of RFID Reads based off of GPS location, time of day and day. What I wish to know is if there is a tool that would compare my manually typed garbage tote table to the uploaded RFID Read list. Also, these RFID Reads are based off of truck readings from WISTAR ONE. There is  about 1600 totes currently issued. Thanks!!


First Image is a sample table of a single day of RFID Reads.


Second Image is master data table.