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Complex if/else statements in Survey123

Question asked by kat_hoenke_fws_col on Jan 13, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2020 by kr1337

Hi, I am trying to calculate a complex if/else statement with several ands and ors. I keep getting an error with inbalanced brackets but cannot figure it out. Any help appreciated!



if(selected(${OutletGradeId},'At Stream Grade'),'Full AOP', if(selected(${InletGradeId},'Free Fall') and ${OutletDropToWaterSurface} > 1 and ${OUTLETGRADEDIVIDED} > 0.5 ),'No AOP',if(selected(${OutletGradeId},'Free Fall onto Cascade' ) and ${OutletDropToWaterSurface} > 1 and ${OUTLETGRADEDIVIDED} > 0.5 ),'No AOP',if(selected(${OutletGradeId},'Cascade') and ${OutletDropToWaterSurface} > 1 and ${OUTLETGRADEDIVIDED} > 0.5 ),'No AOP',),'Reduced AOP','NULL')))))


Thank you!