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Grid to Ground for an Orthomosiac image

Question asked by clay_16 on Jan 9, 2020

I recently started with a Land Surveying firm and they asked to dive into my GIS and Imagery background to see if I can orhtomosiac their drone imagery for use in CAD. It has been about 5 years since I lasted worked in GIS and imagery so I am trying to get my mind back into it while also learning the surveying side.


Grid 2 Ground is a concept I didn't even know existed until I started here, so I have still been working on wrapping my head around it. I was wondering if someone would not mind helping me with my thought process on this to see if I am on track and if this is even possible in Arc with imagery. 



So my issue is that I have Drone imagery collected by the survey teams and I am wanting to convert this data to the Colorado Central State Plane Coordinate System while applying a scale factor to the image to project it from Grid to Ground. 


From what I have been able to find out I am pretty sure my answer involves creating my own coordinate system and adjusting the false eastings and northings using my scale factor and then running a projection on the orthomosiac, but I am not quite sure how I would calculate my needed values.


Drone Data Collected in UTM, zone 13N WGS 84, 

Survey data collected in Colorado State Plane Central 0502, NAD83

Grid to Ground Scale factor = 1.000386512227


I'd appreciate any help or guidance if anyone else has ran into these issues.


Thank you,