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Why is my Portal search so dumb?

Question asked by agelfert on Jan 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2020 by rborchert

So we're living in the age of 'Search'. Everything around us offers intelligent search capabilities using intellisense, auto-complete, suggestions... Why then is my Portal Search so dumb? Can this be configured somewhere ??

Say I have items including a map service called:

  • My_Favorite_Buildings_in_Town

and a web map called:

  • Favorite Search for Town Buildings

Searching by "M" won't return anything. Searching for "My_" will return the first map services but searching for "My_B" won't. "Favorite" will find the map service but "Favorite_B" won't. This has nothing to do with tags since this layer has only the tag "test".

Searching by "Town" on the other hand only returns the web map and not even "in_Town" will the map services. "Town*" prompts me that Wildcard searches aren't supported but returns only the web map.

I'm sure there is some secret logic here. My question is: can this be tweaked? I know there are ways to play with the indexes for items but will that help?