Hi, Rene den Hertog @ the port of Rotterdam

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Good to meet you here, I'm working as business consultant at the Port of Rotterdam

Specific for IT and GIS aspects on asset management, port development and environmental management

Last year we've focussed on 3D developments, IOT and smart port issues.
For me I'm very proud on the 3D elevation surface developed for the port together with Esri inc, Esri NL
and colleagues from the Rotterdam municipality. 

As elevation surface product mostly unseen, now a reliable 3D base,  supporting all of the further 3D developments, for example the digital twin. This will help to grow further in more automated shipping and logistic solutions 


elevation surface, dry and wet, with hillshades


Latest try-out is to fully utilize ArcGIS Hub as a central communication point...


Favorite place, to keep it quiet coordinates in a local system, outside anchored in the Maas estuary enjoying the sunset. X=61388,77 Y=433056,83