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Get a count of field values

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Jan 8, 2020
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I'm working with some data that is a ridiculously large table (184 fields) and I would like to ***** how many instances of of each field are non-null.  In other words if the values are more more often null, I'll drop the field(s).  For now I've written a script that performs an iterative selection for each field, and as you can imagine with 184 fields and a few thousand records it's pretty slow.  I tried a couple other approaches that failed, but I have to think there is a better way to get a count of records for which a given field is populated.  Here is what I've done to date:  


import arcpy

table = r'J:\some\path\to\file.gdb\tableName'
fields = []

for f in arcpy.ListFields(table):


for f in fields:
    select = f'{f} is not null'
    c = arcpy.GetCount_management('tv')
    print('Field {} has {} non-null records'.format(f,c[0]))