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Server publishing errors 001487 and 001369

Question asked by on Jan 7, 2020
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I have  reviewed several other posts on this topic, but I cannot seem to resolve this issue.  I was attempting to publish a polygon feature class, in ArcMap to our ArcGIS Server, which we have done many times with other feature classes (screen shot below).  I registered the data connection which removed the publishing errors and warnings.  I believe I have done that correctly (though this step(s) is confusing).  I continue to get the error.  I scrapped the MXD, database connection, data store record, etc., and started completely over.  Same result.  I tried publishing another feature class and was successful in having it publish on Server, which suggests there is an issue with the feature class(?).  The Server logs are asking to 'verify the data exists on the server.'  I am assuming given the feature class displays correctly and has an attribute table, then the data exist.  This service is to be editable on a daughter version in sde and going into a simple app so zoning on parcels can be updated easily.  I would rec and post the edits to sde after QA reivew.  Thanks in advance for any help.