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how to organise and store gisdata

Question asked by gisbert61 on Jan 6, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2020 by EPolle_TensingInternational

Once upon a time in the past our company started to use gis/arcmap. For years the only gisworker and several temporary workers saved shapefiles, projects and whatnot onto a shared disk in the network, loosely organised by topic, subject, project, whatever seemed fit at that time.

Some files are duplicate or nearly duplicate (which is worse), dispersed shapefiles belong to the same project, features in a fgdb do not always belong to the same project and to make matter worse the collegue will retire in a year or so. At the moment I can still pick his head so I feel an urge to restructure our gisdata.


I seek a method to structure all our gisdata in a way so it's clear what we have, how current or outdated it is and where it is stored.


What strategy do you use to store your data, how do you keep track of modifications, what kind of naming conventions do you use? Is there a whitepaper on how to do these things? Guidelines?


Your views are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance for your time.