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Model Builder: Fixing Service Area Polygon Attribution

Question asked by CALyons on Jan 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2020 by CALyons

I'm trying to set up a model to automate the creation of a Service Area (and the other processes that are involved in that project but aren't important here). The Service Area represents the distance a vehicle can travel outwards from the facility in 9, 15 and 30 minute (450, 900, 1800 second) intervals. We use an chute time impedance to represent how long it takes for the facility to send out their vehicle.


In some cases, the impedance is more than the 9 minute break.


When this happens, the polygons should show that the 450-900 is the first polygon, and the 900-1800 is the second polygon with no 0-450 polygon showing at all. Instead the first polygon shown is the 0-450 and the second is the 450-900 with no 900-1800 showing. All other polygons with impedances low enough show all polygons as they should.


Normally I would just manually edit the feature class resulting from the Service Area, but I hope to automate the entire process if possible. I hope to correct the mistake either during the processing of the Service Area via a setting, or to do so after the polygons are produced with a recalculation of some kind (for example: where there are only two polygons for a facility, recalculate to show the proper break points; or that the outer polygon should always be 1800, the next 900 and the third, if it exists, should always be 450).


If anyone has an idea of how to make this correction in the context of an automated process, that would be wonderful.


Thank you for your time,