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GTFS Data with StreetMap Premium

Question asked by rkleinma@stanford.edu_Stanford on Dec 29, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2019 by rkleinma@stanford.edu_Stanford

Apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere:


I am trying to combine GTFS data with the street network from StreetMap Premium, implementing the sample code found here: (with appropriate changes for the local directories and making the Street Network as the North America Streets network from StreetMap Premium).


The error that I encounter is this: arcgisscripting.ExecuteError: ERROR 004411: Export of the vector data is denied. ERROR 000260: Failed to copy. This is specific to this line:, streets).

It looks like it is not possible to copy or project the StreetMap street network. Is there a workaround to enable use of StreetMap Premium street networks with GTFS data?


Thank you!