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Service Area Break Values Modified?

Question asked by CALyons on Dec 24, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2019 by CALyons

I've been trying to perform a Service Area analysis using three break values (450, 900 and 1800) with both detailed and simple polygon generation in a model. The analysis produces the expected result using those break points when creating the detailed polygons, but the simple polygons don't. The process adds in other break points in addition to those requested.

Service Area with Detailed Polygon BreaksService Area with Detailed Polygons

Service Area with Simple Polygon BreaksService Area with Simple Polygons

I've copy/pasted the Detailed process and only changed the Polygon Generation to Simple.

Detailed Settings:

Detailed Settings 1Detailed Settings 2

Simple Settings:
Simple Settings 1Simple Settings 2

It would be less confusing if the Detailed process produced similar results, but it seems to work just fine. While I would love to know how to stop it, even knowing the cause of this or any advice you might have to avoid this would be fantastic.


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