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How to show multiple photos location on map with points related to a single survey ?

Question asked by Mayur_Dodiya on Dec 24, 2019


I have requirement to take multiple photos with lat/long of image, audio note of image and display the multiple image location on map along with photos attachment for the single point survey.

For example (single survey with multiple photos at multiple location) : Let's say I am at the survey location A. I then need to take multiple photos with lat/long and audio note for each, take first photo at the survey location A, now for second photo will go to another different location to take photos for the same single point survey location A.


I have enabled beginrepeat endrepeat in survey form for multiple photos and audio note for the image


to get image lat/long I put pulldata function in the survey form


All the photos attachment, lat/long of image and audio note go to related table, 

I added survey layer to the web map and see the survey location.

Now I would like to show Image location also on map along with photos attachment to the single survey?

How to do that ? 


Survey Layer



Related table