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Survey123 Connect - Cascading Sheets

Question asked by on Dec 23, 2019
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I'm working in version 3.7.60;

I have the cascade working as expected, but I want to shortcut the middle select question.  In my attachments each Inspector has a single County, only one, so there is no need to select.  Each County has more than one city.  My desire is that the Inspector is picked up from the metadata (the AGOL login email address) and translate that to the choices of Cities.  It is working by making the County a "select_one" choice and picking a County.  But since there is only one county per Inspector is there a way to default County based on the AGOL login email address, in turn giving me only the applicable Cities to the logged in Inspector? 

I can set it to skip the County and associate the Inspector directly to the City, but then I will have to manually repeat the City list associated to the new Inspector. As I grow, this will be difficult to manually maintain.  By keeping the middle question, I will only have to connect the Inspector to a County, then their City will auto associate. Much easier to maintain.

So, my goal is to use the AGOL authentication to tell me what County to associate (and I like this to be hidden) and then show the list of Cities that only relates to the person signed in to AGOL. 

I welcome any help, comments, suggestions.