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Resolving map drift of Mobile Map

Question asked by upsilonrobotics on Dec 18, 2019

I am fairly new to ArcGIS Pro.  I have created an offline Mobile Map using ArcGIS Pro 2.3.0. which I am developing for a waypoint mapping project in Android.  The Mobile Map uses the Imagery basemap. The map localised to a small area in Caloundra, QLD, Australia.


The issue I have is when I enter a waypoint used Lat. Long. coordinates it appears on the Imagery map offset about 3 meters south-west.  I wish to shift the map north-east to align the view of where the waypoint marker (a Graphic on a GraphicsOverlay) should be (in relation to the imagery).


I have tried a few approaching including creating a map using 'GDA94 / Geoscience Australia Lambert (3112)' spatial reference.  However, I have yet to resolve this issue.


So my question is, how to I adjust (shift) a map?