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Selected geometry issue when zoomed in.

Question asked by andrewhayden on Dec 17, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2019 by andrewhayden

I'm experiencing an issue where when zoomed out and clicking on a parcel the parcel boundary is highlighted and the configured pop-up opens as expected (no problem).  When I zoom in to a particular level and click on a parcel, a strange boundary that often roughly follows the parcel boundary (and sometimes not much at all) is highlighted but it is often offset and has many more nodes making it a different shape.  I watch the network traffic in fiddler and it's the same layers coming from the same web map regardless of the zoom level.  I'm not sure where the click event is located, when I click on the map, to begin debugging (I've put break points in at every place that seemed logical to me).


Here is an example of what a particular parcel looks like:


Parcel not selected


If I zoom out and click on the parcel, the boundary is highlighted in the cyan color as expected but if I zoom in and click on the parcel I get a strange selection polygon that doesn't resemble anything I recognize.  


Strange selection outline


Any suggestions as to what the issue could be or where to continue troubleshooting?