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Survey123 grid theme issues

Question asked by MichaelVanHatten_OGM on Dec 17, 2019
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I have a rather long survey123 form and I have been playing with the Theme Grid to try and make the survey more compact. I have recently updated to the 3.7.60 version of survey123 Connect, but i am still having the same issues. I have changed the style to theme-grid and I have seen the changes in my survey. Problem now is that I would like to make some groups a different size (appearance) than other groups. i would like a grid that is w3 and another group that is only w2. When I go to change the appearance of a group I get an error message (see attached photo) that tells me I have enter a invalid value. It will not accept any changes to the appearance that are not from the drop down list. Has anyone else had these issues? I would imagine that I need to make some small change to get everything to work but I cannot figure it out. Does anyone have any advice?