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Survey123 web form not recognizing pulldata CSV?

Question asked by lharper_manateegis on Dec 17, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2019 by lharper_manateegis

Hello! I created a survey in Survey123 Connect and one of the calculations uses the concat and pulldata functions to pre-populate the geopoint question from a CSV file in the media folder. In both connect and the Survey123 app, the results work flawlessly.


However, we plan to use this survey through the web form and whenever I try to load it, I receive the following error:


FormLogicError: instance 'property' (the CSV file) does not exist in model


I'm not entirely sure where the error is since we duplicated this method from a working Survey123 item. For that one, both the web form and the Survey123 app work without a hitch.


I've attached the files for the survey in question if anyone has suggestions for what I may be missing? If its relevant, this survey is hosted through our organization's ArcGIS Portal and all content is shared publicly.


Link to Web Survey