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Is ArcGIS Online even being developed anymore?

Question asked by ibroad on Dec 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2020 by DCochran-esristaff

I haven't had to use ArcGIS Online for quite awhile, but I have a need to setup a Collector map for a simple field verification project.


I was hoping I would notice great changes and a nicer interface and functionality, but unfortunately it's like nothing has even changed.


The features in the hosted feature service I published to AGOL look blurry.


I still can't publish feature access layers that symbolize on multiple fields?


This popup configuration tool is the most archaic and painful process I've ever had to use. Why in the world can I not just drag the fields? And why is the window so small? This actually made me not even want to use Collector anymore:



The popups look terrible:



The whole thing is just a bad experience.