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Why is the map extent limited when I try to add a new location profile in Collector?

Question asked by RidgewoodWaterDepartment on Dec 16, 2019

My organization has been using a GNSS receiver and the Collector for ArcGIS mobile application on an IOS device to collect high-accuracy location information for our assets. In order to do this, we need to add a new location profile. I am able to go through the steps of adding a GNSS Coordinate System and Map Coordinate System, however, I run into trouble when I try to set up the Map Extent. 


In the Map Extent window, I am able to see my default basemap and I am prompted to "Pan and zoom to define the area", however, the extent to which I can zoom out is limited to a smaller area than the full extent. As a workaround, I have created a number of location profiles with overlapping map extents so that I am able to cover the full extent of the map area. This is proving to be cumbersome as it requires me to change the location profile every time we move to a new area. 


Is anyone else having this issue or know how I can fix this?


Please let me know.