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Category Selector has "No Targets Defined"

Question asked by PixelKarnage on Dec 13, 2019
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My Dashboard consists of a Map and a Panel on the Left where a category selector is defined.

I'm trying to create a filter that only shows the features on the map from the selected category.

There are 5 possible Values, displayed by a "Grouped Values" button bar.


So for example, when "in Arbeit" is selected (which is german for in progress) i want to only display the point features with the status "in progress" on the map.

However, when trying to define a Filter Action for the map i get the note "No Targets Defined":

I feel like i am missing a very simple step, that i am just too dumb to see. As far as i understand it should be possible to select the map as target here?


Thank you so much for your help!