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Combining Identify and Add Data widgets?

Question asked by ericmdg on Dec 13, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2019 by ericmdg

What I'm working on is modifying Robert's Identify Widget and adding the functionality of esri's Add Data widget. The purpose is to be able to upload a shapefile/kml/etc and then pass it on to be queried and generate a table and all that using the Identify Widget.  We already have the Identify Widget running and I've added a button to that which exports it's results (shamelessly copies it's outputted list and reconfigures it) to a new window with some added functionality, but I'm working on adding the shapefile upload abilities.


I've added a listener to the Identify widget to listen for any layer add events and then run a new function which grabs the geometry from the added layer to pass into the rest of the Identify widget.


added to _bindEvents

          console.log("*** layer-add event triggered *** ::: ");

          if( > 0){ //doesn't run on empty layers

New function (started based on Identify's _onDrawEnd):

    _onAddedLayer: function(addedLayer){
        let layer = addedLayer.layer;

        //need: to extract the layers geometry

        var layerGeoms =[];
        for (var i = 0; i <; i++) {
          // Collect the line features from the uploaded layer
          var thisGeoms =[i].geometry;
        var geometryUnion = geometryEngine.union(layerGeoms);
        //depending on integration method, html lines will need to be expanded or removed
        html.setStyle(this.btnClear, 'display', 'block');
        html.setStyle(this.btnExportResults, 'display', 'block');

        this.identifyFeatures(geometryUnion); //runs identifyFeatures, passing it the geometry provided by the drawing tools

So the problem is well, this a) doesnt succesfully run identifyFeatures because b) it's a sloppy hack that is outside of the scope of it's launching widget. All it really was meant to do was prove that I could get the geometry from the loaded layer and flatten a shapefile with multiple features into one geometry (which is what gometryUnion does). 

I have to open the Identify widget first, to activate the listener, but then open the Add Data widget to add a shapefile to the map. Then I can go back to the Identify widget and... I havent made the rest of it work and I'm not sure how to proceed.


So I guess my question is this: Should I try to integrate the Add Data source code into the Identify widget and then add a button after the Identify Widget's Draw Box for running the Add Data button? Or do I investigate turning the Identify Widget into a controller widget and then adding the Add Data widget button after the Identify Widget's Draw Box? Or is there some better alternative?

I've successfully slipped a button into the Identify Widget's Results tab, so I'm pretty positive that adding a button after it's Draw Box is feasible, I just dont really know how to go about integrating the two widgets, or what to look for in doing so.