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Data recovery from SQLite file

Question asked by on Dec 13, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2019 by j.moore-esristaff

Hi All,


I encountered an issue with Survey123 and thankfully been able to extract the SQLite file that contains the data.


The survey123 form sent blank information to the feature class and I am hoping to somehow extract this information and import it into the form feature class. I have searched and seen that you can convert to CSV using python with this file 


However, my python skills are poor and i'm not sure how to run this file.


I can open it up, and see the text but I'm not sure how to correctly set the paths. Does it matter where I store the file? I have the sqlite database just on my C:\Temp 


I can see at the top of the file it has these parameters where I believe you should enter your paths, but I'm just not good enough to understand this yet.



#Constants for easy running
IN_DB = r'./a084e65cd9403d813e8ec667ca329a63.sqlite'
OUT_DIR = r'./out'


If my path is C:\Temp 


Should this be the edited to this 


IN_DB = r'C:/Temp/a084e65cd9403d813e8ec667ca329a63.sqlite' and saved?


What about the OUT_DIR ? 


Does the file have to be placed somewhere specific ?






How do I import that data back to the form?


 James Tedrick