Create Multirole Locator With Multiple Instances of the Same Role

Discussion created by jborgion Champion on Dec 11, 2019
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ArcGis Pro 2.4


With the create locator tool, I can create a single role Point Address.  As discussed in Address point role with Units  as well as Provide Units In Suggested Addresses , I'm confounded by the inability to offer suggestions for addresses that contain unit numbers.


But wait, what's this?  A work around?! Yes! Our data has a field called (drum roll) FullAddress and using it as the reference field for  POI role I can get suggestions!


Oh rats...  It seems that when one creates a multi-role locator, one is limited to single instance of each role; you can't have two POI roles. Our multi-role approach also uses Parcel ID as the POI reference from a polygon layer...




But wait again!  Another work-around: just for fun I used the address points in the Zone role, referencing the FullAddress field and voila! Suggestions with unit numbers and I can use that role to a multi role locator!


Is this a hack or considered best practice?


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