Create ILayer From IMapServer3

Discussion created by mkoneya on Mar 18, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2011 by mkoneya
I would like to add an ILayer created from an ArcGIS Server Map service to an IMap with ArcObjects, but don't see how to do it.

I am getting an IMapServer3 with the following code, where mapName = the map service:

serverContext = som.CreateServerContext(mapName, "MapServer");
IServerObject serverObject = serverContext.ServerObject;
IMapServer3 mapServer = (IMapServer3)serverObject;

It looks like I can get an ILayer from an IMapServerGroupLayer, but it looks like the IMapServerGroupLayer is looking for a different connection type than I am using.   

If you have an example of getting an ILayer from a Map Service,   your assistance is appreciated.