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How to improve 'calculate statistics' performance?

Question asked by AngusHooper on Dec 10, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2019 by pbecker-esristaff

I have a variety of satellite products from multiple sensors which have been added to multiple source mosaic datasets (MD) in an enterprise geodatabase. All of these source mosaics are then added to a single derived mosaic. My understanding is at this point you should calculate statistics - on the derived mosaic dataset.


If I run calculate statistics on the derived MD with an AOI that is around multiple images, the tool runs quickly. CPU does not particularly spike, but I can see that the disk I/O for reading the data (not local) spikes dramatically. This aligns with my understanding that the tool fundamentally queries a large number of pixel values. The output of this is an image that appears crystal clear per stretch properties.


However, if I then run the tool under similar parametrs but with no AOI, it hangs and doesn't do much. CPU consumes a single core while disk I/O flatline entirely. After waiting several hours - no real update, same behaviour.


Why is this occuring? How can I effectively calculate statistics on hundreds to thousands of satellite products in a derived mosaic dataset? The images are not contiguous, so perhaps it is querying NULL values outside a footprint which is causing the underlying issue?


FYI, using ArcGIS Pro.