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Using ArcGISPro (2.4)  Mosaic process does not work, Blending does not work. My images have Straight lines from the Footprint, and not the Seamlines. Is there a method for incorporating Seamlines to blend or smooth overlapping areas?

Question asked by SDale@slco.org_slco on Dec 6, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2019 by SDale@slco.org_slco

Arcpro Mosaic process will not output acceptable seamless mosaics.

I have Georeferenced ~400 historical aerial images and want to mosaic the images into a single stand alone .tif file. When I run Mosaic To a New Raster, the output does not utilize the Seamlines I have created. Rather it uses the Footprints to mosaic the images. This leaves straight lines between images (along a flightline).

My workflow is as follows: 

Create Mosaic Dataset (the big empty nothing in a file.gdb)

Add Rasters To Mosaic Dataset (Add my Georeferenced aerial images)

Build Footprints

Compute Mosaic Candidates

Build Seamlines (Radiometry)

Mosaic To New Raster

Why wont this process work? Anyone have a similar issue?