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Renaming connected folders in ArcGIS Pro catalog view/pane

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Dec 5, 2019
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ArcGIS Pro 2.4


Like so many others, my job is to create and test data and processes, first in our test environment(s) and finally in our production environment(s).  And I suspect like so many others the difference between our test and production environments is some variation in the path name.  For example, I create locators in :


\\someServer-t\arcgisresources\common\geocode    ( a test env and then copy them to):


\\someOtherServer\arcgisresources\common\geocode  (which is a production env)


If I add both of these folders to ArcGIS Pro, in a catalog view or pane, they both show up simply as geocode:



Is there a trick to renaming these so I can actually tell which is which?  I tried adding the actual paths but ArcGIS Pro won't accept special characters; I tried just adding a T or P as a prefix or suffix, and that doesn't stick.  Is this a designed limitation? If so, maybe the rename option should go away?  (Maybe this is ideas material?)


As an example, it's possible in ArcCatalog:





Kory Kramer