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How can I display a many to many relationship in ArcGIS Online?  (i.e. buildings to parcels)

Question asked by PersefoniKapotas on Dec 6, 2019



I am working on a map of various building locations (this is a point feature class) and parcels (polygon feature class).  Each parcel has anywhere from 0 to many buildings on it (including parts of buildings) and conversely, each building is on one or more parcels (some buildings straddle parcels).  

I am creating the map in ArcGIS Pro and intend to publish it to ArcGIS Online.  I am working with a 'basic' license of Pro, so I don't think I can create relationship classes.

I would like to be able to relate the building and parcel information so that someone can view a parcel's information and see what buildings are related to it, and conversely view a building's information to see the related parcels.  


What is the best way to accomplish this?