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Network Analysis with Airplane Routes

Question asked by callie7575 on Dec 4, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by jsandhu-esristaff

I'm hoping someone knows an answer or how to complete this project.


I have a cities point layer and am using two main cities with airports to fly out of and have 3 connection cities they could connect to and then there are 2 destination cities that those connections could connect to. So there are 7 cities in total. There are 12 possible routes all together to go from a starting city to a connection city to a destination. I had to research the times of actual flights and layovers and prices of hotels if you'd have to stay overnight at the connection city and I found it all, but am struggling with what to put in the fields for the cities and lines layers to allow the network analysis to work correctly. I have the cities layer and a line layer that I made all the routes for. The problem is that there could be one route that does have a layover in a connection city but another route that goes through the same connection city but doesn't require a hotel (added in price). Is there a way to somehow make the cities point layer have certain values for certain lines/routes in the routes/line layer? Hopefully I am explaining this right.


After I have the correct information for the fields for the cities and routes layers I would make them into a network and then do a route solver on it I think. I haven't done that yet and I find it confusing so hopefully it will work for me and I will be able to figure it out.