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Integromat / Survey123 Webhook Creation Error "Remote procedure timed out"

Question asked by satoru.kuwabara on Dec 4, 2019
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I have started to have this issue since a few days back.

Whenever I try to create a new webhook on Survey123 (Enterprise), it comes back with an error saying "Remote procedure timed out"

It connects to the portal fine and the list of surveys pop up, but not succeeding at connecting to the survey.

It works for the other survey forms which already had a webhook set up from months ago but not for the new ones.

Integromat / Survey123 webhook creation error "remote procedure timed out"


I checked the survey on survey123 website (Enterprise) and I could see that Integromat did succeed in creating webhook as pictured below but I cannot create/delete/edit it.


Survey123 Enterprise cannont create/delete/edit webhooks

Since the survey123 website is having troubles with creating/editing/deleting webhooks I feel like this is a Survey123 problem, not Integromat's???

I have tried republishing the survey with the newest version, recreating the survey completely, deleting/reconnecting to the portal, but none of these cracked it. So I am now completely lost here...

Is there anyone here having a similar problem?


I would much appreciate it if I could get some help.