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Labeling In ArcPro

Question asked by MatthewDuffy on Dec 3, 2019
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Greetings All,


I wanted to note this here while it's fresh in my memory and doesn't go unsaid.  I am experiencing an issue with labeling in ArcPro 2.4.2, but I think I've also found a solution to my problem too.  So I'll go through my workflow, issue and then workaround for us to consider, as to avoid this pitfall in the future.  I hope all are doing very well and this helps you determine a solution to your ArcPro labeling problem, should you have one.


-I have an existing ArcMap document to be ported to a project in ArcPro.  I executed the remaining edits and exported this recurring project's map composition to a pdf file from ArcMap, one last time.


-I start a new ArcPro project, save it to its own network location project folder and then import all of the data sourced from the ArcMap document, into the newly created ArcPro project database. The data gets auto-added to the map.


-I then symbolize all layers with the existing symbology using a symbology layer file to get the existing colors and symbols (this could be where the issue lurks perhaps)


-I then attempt to label and notice the existing VB Script label expression came in with the symbology layer file "Awesome!".  I turn on the labels and they do not display.  I look through all sorts of properties, window panes and I attempted to search from here on Geonet, but the labels will not display.  I then attempt to add different data from elsewhere and apply an existing VB Script label expression and the labels then appear correctly.


-Notable item and workaround solution: after importing the data into the ArcPro project database, if you also need to label that data-do not apply the symbology layer file.  Instead, go back to ArcMap and save the data layer's custom labeling as a label expression then load and apply that expression to the data from within ArcPro for your labels.


It seems that even after I get the data layer to label correctly, I cannot apply the symbology layer file.  If I do, then the labels go away and disappear again.


In short: do not use symbology layer file within ArcPro 2.4.2, if you also need to apply a label to the same data layer.


What is your experience with labeling, symbology and label expression files from within ArcPro, got any similar issues?