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Change all similar domains in all layers in the same feature service

Question asked by trantham on Dec 3, 2019

Hello Friends, 


I am working on understanding the Small Stormwater Solution as deployed using the standard Solution Deployment Add-In to Pro. There are several layers in the Stormwater Network feature service, representing various asset classes: Discharge, Inlet, Manhole, Pipe, etc, etc.   Every one of those layers contains a field "ownedby" whose value is a coded domain: 

  • 1="Our Agency"
  • 2="Private"
  • 100="Other"

A similar domain is used for the "maintby" field


I want to change "Our Agency" to the localized name.  For the  hosted feature service deployed via the Solution Deployment plug-in, I can do this one layer and field at a time using "Configuration" step..  I can also use the web interface with ArcGIS On-Line.  Both of those methods are one field at a time, one layer at a time.  I was really hoping to be able to change the domain for all layers in one go -- to ensure they are all the same, but I also would like to modify other domains that are re-used across layers (pipe material, for example).  This is a one-time action on a local geodatabase, so I had hoped there would be similar function with the online version.


Perhaps there is a one-and-done method, and I'm just not seeing it. Any suggestions?  I really would prefer not to have to manually redefine every domain associated with ownedby, maintby for every layer. 



Many thanks