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Discussion created by Riverside on Jan 27, 2010
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Our Data is here.

It would be helpful for users that are doing a lot of testing (We Are), to have a server other than the ftp server to upload our data (FTP Data is deleted), that then can be accessed by everyone in Support that can then use this data for their own testing.  It is frustrating to have to reload the data each and every time, there happens to be a request, it makes people like me, not file everything (Which I don't), because we (I) don't want to reload the data for the 50th time.  This can get quite tiring.  I want to help test, but it needs to be a bit more efficient, now perhaps this is because this is new for Support (Supporting Beta).  Consider this an enhancement request for the next beta.  Its good that beta is supported by Support, since this helps them get familiar with new functionality, and that will make your end users happy in the end.

Previous to this beta, the data would go directly to the team(s) usually through Holistic, but that is now the incorrect method to get the data in the hands of the Support Analyst.

Please consider doing something about this limitation in the future.