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Point popup hyperlink

Question asked by scott@er on Dec 2, 2019
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Hi, I have a map with multiple points, when i click on a point i get a pointInfoTemplate popup.  I'm experimenting with adding my own hyperlink into this popup.  So far, i've only been able to add the hyperlink into the title area which says 'click me'.  I would like to add the hyperlink below the header, somewhere in the content pane, is that possible?  If so, what could should i use?  I've copied the snippet below.







for each (var item in apiData.items) {
var x = item.geometry.x;
var y = item.geometry.y;
var point = new Point(x, y, spatial);

var pointAttributes = { Location: "item.attributes.LOCATION", Type: "item.attributes.BinType" };

var pointInfoTemplate = new InfoTemplate("item.attributes.LOCATION<br/><a class='clickMe' href='#' onclick='alert(item.geometry.x + \", \" + item.geometry.y);return false'>click me</a>");
var pointGraphic = new Graphic(point, pictureSymbol, pointAttributes, pointInfoTemplate);;