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Method of editing a "double" attribute field to allow for more digits to the left of a decimal point?

Question asked by on Dec 2, 2019

I mistakenly set the precision and scale for a "double" attribute field such that only one digit is allowed to the left of the decimal. After collecting ample data on a Trimble GPS, which didn't seem to enforce this limitation (the majority of entries in this field have 2-3 digits to the left of the decimal point...), I am trying to go back in ArcMap to make some edits (erroneous entries with up to four digits to the left of the decimal, which should only have two) but am not able to make such reductions in the number of digits. Ironic, since, in some cases I am attempting to reduce a four-character entry to a two-character entry, and am not allowed to do so and am told that I can only have a single-character entry. So I cancel and the entry remains at four characters...