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Viewing previous inspection results with Collector and barcode scanning?

Question asked by joeyryan on Dec 2, 2019
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New to Collector and currently researching it as a potential solution for routine utility infrastructure inspections. I haven't seen anything yet in the documentation, but curious if it is capable of recalling/displaying previous inspection reports while an inspector is using the app in the field. For example, if a field inspector is checking water valves, it will be essential for the inspector to not only record existing conditions, but to know if there were any conditions flagged during previous inspections that they would need to be aware of and update the status. I believe the current inspection database format is Access and hopefully that could be reformatted to be compatible with Collector if necessary. Again, I'm still in the preliminary stages of this, but before proceeding further I'd like to confirm this functional requirement since it would be a deal breaker for the client. Also wondering if it's possible to integrate a barcode scanner with Collector.


Thank you