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Group (or merge?) lines from several feature classes

Question asked by nikolai.slodarzh on Dec 2, 2019

I'm trying to process crater profiles, which are now represented as 16 lines with certain direction from center of each crater, made with "bearing distance to line", and now they look like 16 Feature Classes with 1320 lines each. Lines that belong to same crater have same objID, shape, lenght and X,Y of starting point (center of crater).


How do I make a feature class, which would be represented with 1320 rows (ID of crater), each having 16 lines in it for each crater? Or is there a way to make 1320 groups of 16 lines? Futher I would search for highest point on each line on each crater to determinate it's rim, so I need sets of lines being somehow grouped together. Simple merging makes one table of 21120 rows, which doesn't work for me.