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Locating a substring in Field Calculator

Question asked by SimonWebster.QFES on Nov 29, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2019 by SimonWebster.QFES

I have what should be a fairly straightforward operation failing in ArcGIS Pro 2.4, and cannot for the life of me work out why. 


If the field "assettype" contains a portion of the search string, then set the value of assettype_groupup to the value I return. 

Eg, if "assetttype" contains the string "Building |Residential |Large ", and I test whether it contains the term "Residential", and that evaluates to true, then return the string "Residential". 


Currently the code does not seem to be returning any result / has no effect, and appears to run too quickly (2-3 seconds for 3,000,000 lines).

If I try a ternary statement, which means using a single term at a time, it seems to work just fine. 


Can you see any obvious issues with the setup below




# Code block
def func(input):
    if 'Residential' in input:
        return 'Residential'
    elif 'Industrial/Utilities' in input:
        return 'Industrial/Utilities'
    elif 'Transport/Infrastructure' in input:
        return 'Transport/Infrastructure'
    elif 'Conservation/National Park' in input:
        return 'Conservation/National Park'
    elif 'Recreational/Open Space' in input:
        return 'Recreational/Open Space'
    elif 'Mixed Use' in input:
        return 'Mixed Use'
    elif 'Community Use' in input:
        return 'Community Use'
    elif 'Rural/Primary Production' in input:
        return 'Rural/Primary Production'
    elif 'Special Use' in input:
        return 'Special Use'
    elif 'Unknown' in input:
        return 'Unknown'




Looks like: