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My web app location tool works on Android device but not well on iPad or at all on iPhone

Question asked by bcoulter on Nov 28, 2019

I have built a marine navigation webapp which shows navigable channels, marks and obstructions in Wexford Harbour and River Slaney. The map display works well on any device - it combines baseline maps, polygon layers, points etc, to emulate the display conventions of conventional marine navigation chart.


To be a useful online chart, the webapp must operate well on mobile devices. In particular, the "My Location" widget tool is vital to show the location and progress of the user during navigation. The location tool works perfectly on an Android phone (v8.0.0) and an Android tablet (v6.0.1) in that it allows zooming and panning and it re-centres every 5 seconds at the zoomed scale. It works less well on an iPad with iOS 9.3.5; here it locates ok and allows zooming and panning but it does not re-centre, and the tool switches off after about 25 seconds. The tool does not work at all on an iPhone 5s with iOS 12.3.5. It works on a desktop (Win 10) but does no re-centre after disturbance.


What can be done to make my webapp work on mobile iOS devices?